SIDA 2023 Gold Sponsor - Admira

An industry-leading interior furnishing company with over 48 years of experience in developing a line of high pressure laminates and fibreglass wall panels that combines beauty and functionality for any space.

Admira's creative approach has driven them to consistently curate and launch innovative and sustainable designs that represent the company's future while providing products of exceptional quality that meet the diverse demands of an evolving market.

Admira's designs, whether commercial or residential, offer limitless possibilities that leave a lasting impression.

Featuring their product
The Pinnacle of Functionality - CERARL

Create a true sanctuary with CERARL - A lightweight unique fibreglass decorative panel designed for wall cladding, even on existing furnished walls. These panels, developed and made in Japan, are available in a range of wood, pattern, and textured designs, allowing you to personalise your space to suit your preferences.

CERARL provides numerous benefits, including outstanding resistance to water, fire, impact, stain, and bacteria, and it works well in both dry and wet areas in your living space, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s the perfect solution for environments with high heat or humidity. Our fibreglass panels are designed to resist cracking, peeling, and breaking, ensuring that your space remains durable and reliable, no matter what conditions it faces.

But that’s not all, the antimicrobial benefits of CERARL make it ideal for hygiene-sensitive, high-touch traffic, wet areas, and A&A work. These are the factors that contribute to making our CERARL panels so popular for commercial and residential buildings.

Wet works that make a mess, as well as noisy wall cutting and drilling, are now a thing of the past. CERARL promises a quick and easy installation with minimal downtime and inconvenience; it is simple to cut to any size without the need to hack any walls, reducing renovation time by a couple of days.

Choosing to invest in these decorative panels made in Japan is a worthwhile decision that offers great value for your money. Experience CERARL’s beauty without sacrificing durability and functionality; a collection unlike any other.