Judges - Youth
Adrian Heng

Design Director, Spaceone ID Consultancy

Adrian Heng, the esteemed Design Director and founder of SpaceOne Interior Design Consultancy in Singapore, is a visionary leader in the realm of interior design. With a remarkable track record as a multi-award-winning designer, Adrian's creative flair and unwavering dedication have propelled his company to great heights over the past 25 years. What began as a passion project evolved into SpaceOne, a renowned firm with a stellar reputation, boasting a plethora of accolades and rave reviews from its multitude of satisfied clients.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Adrian is renowned for his boundless passion for design, evident in every project he undertakes. His commitment to excellence led him to launch 'The Design Maven', a popular YouTube channel where he generously shares insights, featured homes, and invaluable design and renovation tips with a global audience. Adrian's willingness to impart knowledge and inspire others underscores his status not only as a design luminary but also as a mentor and influencer in the dynamic world of interior design.