Singapore Interior Design Awards 2024



The SIDA Youth Excellence Award recognizes the exceptional talent and creativity of young aspiring interior design students studying at Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.

This prestigious accolade aims to inspire and empower the next generation of design leaders by honouring individuals who demonstrate outstanding skills, innovative thinking, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of design.

Through recognition, mentorship, and opportunities for professional development, the award seeks to foster a culture of excellence and innovation within the interior design community, nurturing young talents as they embark on their journey towards becoming industry leaders.

Submission Period

20 June 2024 - 2 August 2024

Eligibility Criteria

"Singaporean/PR/Foreigner currently studying in Singapore, in a spatial design course, from an SIDS recognized, listed Institution.

*Foreigners should demonstrate intent to stay on and work in Singapore after studies.

*1st or 2nd year in their studies.
Final year students with demonstrated intent on further studies (e.g. Final year in poly with a confirmed acceptance to university) may apply as well.

Submission Requirements

*Submission of portfolio should include minimum;

  1. 5 Completed Projects
  2. 1 letter of reccommendation from local design institution under MOE's purview

*Submission content must clearly demonstrate the following;

Passion and commitment to design - 30%

  1. Demonstrates interest, passion and commitment to spatial design through studies, hobbies, partakes in competitions and/ or extra-curricular activities.

Flair and competency for design - 50%

  1. Demonstrates a flair for spatial design (through portfolio of works), with a good initial grasp for conceptualisation, design translation)
  2. Maintains good grades in school (Distinctions/GPA)

Contribution to design community - 20%

  1. Student Leader in school CCA, student member/office bearer of SIDS Student Chapter