Judges - Completed
Gilbert Khalil

Director of Design & Technical Services, Sunset Hospitality Group

Gilbert Khalil launched his architecture career before earning a Masters with High Honors and the “PRIX ALEXIS BOUTROS” in 2008 from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), Lebanon. In Lebanon, he excelled as a Senior Design Architect at notable firms, managing projects across the Middle East and Africa. Transitioning to his passion, automotive design, in 2015, he was accepted into four top Italian design schools despite his unconventional background. However, Gilbert shifted focus due to practicality, moving to Dubai to lead design at A3 Design and manage Sahara Centre Mall’s expansion a few years after. By 2020, he joined Sunset Hospitality Group as Director of Design and Technical Services, contributing to the award-winning METT hotel concept and managing designs for global hospitality brands. Gilbert's career reflects a blend of architectural mastery and creative exploration in automotive and product design, demonstrating his broad design expertise and adaptability.