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Founder and Creative Director of Specific Generic

Andreas is an architect and creative director who has been active since 1999 in a number of different constellations, working within a broad spectrum of architecture and design. After 5 years as the principal architect for Acne Studios, Andreas moved on and started his own studio in 2010. Since then he’s been developing concepts, design and installations for some of the most known brands within fashion, sports and design world wide.

Specific Generic is a creative studio operating in the fields of architecture, interior, graphic design and creative direction.

The approach for creating a great experience for customers and staff within our creations have been a lading star since we started the studio. A space needs to cater for great functions and an sustainable environment. Our design process and developed tool box in a mix with our dedicated staff caters for quality and a great end result. With more than 20 years experience from the retail industry and hundreds of finalized projects around the globe we feel confident to say that we understand both global and local demands and can deliver on brief in any case. We are based in Stockholm and the majority of our staff are Scandinavians, this caters for great values in regards of democratic ideals, inclusivity and liberal thinking.


One thing that can be said about all successful art- be it music, painting, dancing or poetry - is that it is balancing between Specific and Generic. Specific in the sense that it has a clear and singular identity; it’s memorable, personal, exclusive and recognizable. Generic in the way it appeals to the many; it’s usable, connectable, tangible and comprehensible. This insight can be applied to the music of Lady Gaga, the paintings of Picasso, the sculptures of Jeff Koons, the poetry of Yoko One or the dancing of Mikhail Baryshnikov, and is a corner stone of everything we do. From the design of single objects via interior concepts to the architecture of complete buildings, we want our work to be Specific and Generic. Architecture and design are artforms too, with the ability to move people, and to change their way of seeing, thinking and acting.